TurtleBot Hydro R0    Posted:

TurtleBot Hydro R0 ISO image is now available for download.

MD5SUM: 0881ba4c7f411381cbc4c9e7e7f5eda5 turtlebot-hydro-ubuntu-12.04.2-R0.iso

TurtleBot Hydro Alpha 7    Posted:

TurtleBot Hydro Alpha 7 ISO image is now available for download.

MD5SUM: b5086d65b0663bf09d952d5f2236cf55 turtlebot-hydro-ubuntu-12.04.2-alpha7.iso

The initial R0 release is currently waiting for some Kobuki packages to be synched from shadow-fixed. The R0 release will be the first stable release for ROS Hydro, however due to updated multi-master support in hydro it will lack some of the autoconfiguration and user interface features of the previous releases until we are able to test them further. It DOES NOT include ros-system-daemon-hydro, ros-system-robot-hydro & turtlebot-indicator-hydro, and the system is not configured to start ROS automatically on bootup. We are currently hoping to release R0 in the next week

The next stable TurtleBot release will be TurtleBot Hydro Ubuntu 12.04.2 R1. The R1 release will contain autoconfiguration and new GUI tools for managing multi-master conffigurations. We hope to complete testing by November 15th.

The R1 release will provide initial improvements from the R0 release

  • Indicator will allow multi-master mode to be enabled/disabled
  • Improved documentation/tutorials
  • ROS starts on bootup with multi-master as the default
  • robot command modeled after the PR2 robot command

TurtleBot Hydro Alpha 4    Posted:

TurtleBot Hydro Alpha4 ISO image is now available for download.

MD5SUM: 2c04244d153d3f8f5170c2655d49719a turtlebot-hydro-ubuntu-12.04.2-alpha4.iso

As the new ISO Maintainer, the TurtleBot ROS PPA has changed.

ROS is not yet configured to start automatically due to new multimaster options in hydro. Please see documentation for more information. To enable automatic startup with a minimal (non-multi-master) configuration, install ros-system-daemon-hydro and turtlebot-indicator-hydro from the PPA.

apt-get update
apt-get install ros-system-daemon-hydro
apt-get install turtlebot-indicator-hydro

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Initial blog post.